About NanoQuery

Unlike other big data companies that bombard potential customers with overly-generic and baseless buzzwords, our goal at Nanoquery is simple: to help marketers and retailers grow their business simply by connecting them with consumers that would love their products.

As NanoQuery, we work with all volumes of data sets from multiple industries and verticals, from credit card companies to brand name websites. We excel in optimizing targeted email records, identifying lookalike audiences, and suggesting possible product expansions for current customers.

Officially launched in February 2016, NanoQuery’s executive team encompasses a diverse variety of traditional marketing backgrounds—a collection of experiences and specialties that helped shaped NanoQuery’s vision of a future in which businesses could be enlightened with otherwise unattainable data that permits them to continue moving forward and competing with larger-sized competitors.

We love data and science. And we believe they both have the power to better serve the public through intelligent decision-making. Small businesses control the economy—and most importantly, the future. By giving small businesses access to big data intelligence in small, comprehensible and measurable chucks, we ensure we are paving the road to a brighter tomorrow.

Job Listings

We’re looking for a junior data analyst to join our team. The role begins heavily in SQL queries, so experience with pulling data from PostgreSQL or MySQL systems are required. Here are some other skills that we’d like to see:

  • Python (3 specifically. We loved 2 too, but it’s time to move on, right?)
  • Flask
  • Big data work, specifically around AWS services

We’d substitute ReactJS for PHP, but we need help with building efficient client side dashboards for our data and our client’s data.

  • Strong experience in PHP or ReactJS
  • HTML5 and responsive mobile development
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