Rich insight into consumers and their behaviors!

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About Us

About Us!

We’re all about taming the beasts of big data and making it useful at all scales. Our staff are a special combination of entrepreneurs, data engineers, and data analysts.

We aid companies in growing their datasets to back up their business’s real time decisions with real time data. Our goals are to leverage our existing dataset of user demographic, psychographic data and help company’s learn more about their own audiences.

Our Services


Email and activity tracking

Track your user’s activity across all platforms and partner networks

Demographic/psychographic profiles

Looking to know more about your audience? We can help.


Find out what NanoQuery can do for you. Leverage your data to learn more about your customer base.


We Are Hiring!

Competitive salary and benefits.

Unlimited fair-trade caffeine, fruits and snacks.

Access to cutting edge technology like Amazon Redshift, Spark, and Redis.

A fast-paced, challenging work environment.

Mentorship with some of the best and the brightest in their field.

Convenient office location in Miami Beach.

Our teams embrace agile project management, focus on getting the best code into production quickly and efficiently while making room for multiple data gathering cycles. We believe in using the right tools for the job as much as we believe that people who are excited about their work are inherently better at their work.

Jobs at NanoQuery

We’re looking for a junior data analyst to join our team. The role begins heavily in SQL queries, so experience with pulling data from PostgreSQL or MySQL systems are required. Here are some other skills that we’d like to see:

  • Python (3 specifically. We loved 2 too, but it’s time to move on, right?)
  • Flask
  • Big data work, specifically around AWS services

We’d substitute ReactJS for PHP, but we need help with building efficient client side dashboards for our data and our client’s data.

  • Strong experience in PHP or ReactJS
  • HTML5 and responsive mobile development


  • (888) 23-NANOQUE